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He was educated at Rev. After completing his education, he embarked on a military career, moving swiftly up the ranks on account of his family's influence and his ability to purchase commissions. InLord William went to Italy, where he served for two years as liaison officer with the Austro-Russian forces. In he embarked for Egypt to command the cavalry, but saw no active service.

Write about the reforms of lord william bentinck images

He continued as Governor-General from to in India. Bentiek was a man of peace, discipline and of economy. He was a liberal reformist who took active part in the reform movement of England.

He had a firm faith in the programme of peace retrenchment and reform. Lord Bentick was a great reformer. He was the first Governor-General who was sympathetic towards the Indian people and also tried to remove difficulties of the Indians. After Cornwallis it was Governor-General Lord William Bentick who paid attention to any new administrative reforms and introduced some changes in the sphere of administration.

Cornwallis had stopped appointing Indians in administrative service as he had low opinion about the character, ability and integrity of the Indian people.

So he sought to reserve all higher posts for the Europeans. It offended the Indians very much. But Bentick gave up that policy in order to establish closer contact between the ruler and the ruled. Therefore, Bentick appointed Indians in government service.

Thus Bentick took a remarkable step towards the Indianization of the government service. Bentick had introduced land revenue settlement in the North Western province. Taking ten years to complete, its principle was that of a semi-permanent settlement for thirty years which would both encourage the tenants to make improvements and enable the state to get some of the benefits.

After a proper survey of the land the settlement was made with large land holders, cultivators or village communities according to the locality. Due to this arrangement the revenue of the state increased. The Presidency of Bengal was divided into twenty divisions.

A commissioner was appointed over each division.

Lord Dalhousie and His Reforms

The Commissioner also decided the cases which were previously dealt by the judges of the courts of appeal and circuit in the provinces.

They had also the right to supervise the working of the District Magistrates and Judges. The Provincial Courts of appeal and circuit had been largely responsible for the huge arrears of cases.

The judicial procedure followed in these courts often resulted in delays and uncertainties. Bentick abolished these courts.

He established different grades of courts to avoid delay in the trial of cases. He established a Supreme Court in Agra.

Reforms of lord william bentinck essay writing

The civil and criminal appeals were heared in this court. In magistrates were empowered to award punishment up to two years. Bentick also reduced the severity of the punishment. The system of beating a man with whips was abolished by Bentick.Tremendous Progress Has Been Made In India During The Modern Period.

British Rule Unified India, Gave New Ideals Of Parliamentary Government And Established Factories, Railways, Telephone, Etc. Due To Development Of New Scientific Weapons And Impact Of Industrial Revolution, East India Company Was Able To Defeat Indian Powers And .

Judicial Reforms Of Lord William Bentinck. Lord Cornwallis assumed the role of Governor-General of the Company in and continued till He was directed to take up three specific matters, one of them being reforms of the judicial system.

The other tasks were resolving the problem of land revenue and improvement in the administrative machinery.

write about the reforms of lord william bentinck images

Lord William Bentinck, governor-general of India, was the second son of the third duke of Portland and his wife, Lady Dorothy Cavendish (–), only daughter of William Cavendish, fourth duke of Devonshire.

Bentinck was born on the 14th of September at Burlington House in London. Lord William Bentinck was born in London, the second son of the 3rd Duke of Portland. He was educated at Rev. Dr Samuel Goodenough's school in Ealing, before moving on to Westminster School.

The appointment of Lord William Bentick as the Governor-General of India marked the dawn of a new era in the annals of British rule in India.

He continued as Governor-General from to in India. Bentiek was a man of peace, discipline and of economy. He was a . Link > reforms of lord william bentinck essay writing essay writing service alphabetnyc.com alphabetnyc.com college application essay prompts custom thesis proofreading services ca custom academic essay ghostwriters for hire gb.

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