Position paper

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Position paper

Position paper

Corporate tax and the digital economy: This consultation ran from 1: Original position paper There is a need to ensure that the corporate tax rules respond to the modernisation of the economy and deliver appropriate results for digital businesses that generate value in unique ways.

The government is therefore publishing a position paper on how it thinks this can be best achieved. The government would welcome feedback on the contents of the paper.

Position paper

Responses should be sent by 31 January Confidentiality Information provided in response to this consultation, including personal information, may be published or disclosed in accordance with the access to information regimes. If you want the information that you provide to be treated as confidential, please be aware that, under the FOIAthere is a statutory Code of Practice with which public authorities must comply and which deals with, amongst other things, obligations of confidence.

In view of this it would be helpful if you could explain to us why you regard the information you have provided as confidential. If we receive a request for disclosure of the information we will take full account of your explanation, but we cannot give an assurance that confidentiality can be maintained in all circumstances.

An automatic confidentiality disclaimer generated by your IT system will not, of itself, be regarded as binding on HM Treasury. HM Treasury will process your personal data in accordance with the DPA and in the majority of circumstances this will mean that your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.Note (added May 5, ): Readers of this paper should be sure to consult the official position paper of the Council of Deacons of Bethlehem Baptist Church entitled, A Statement on Divorce and Remarriage in the Life of Bethlehem Baptist alphabetnyc.com document, dated May 2, , represents the position on divorce and remarriage that will guide the church in matters of membership and discipline.

Writing assignment series Writing Position Papers Write a position paper to. Organize and outline your viewpoint on an issue; Formally inform others of your position.

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