Operation strategies

The s[ edit ] Operation Condor, which took place in the context of the Cold Warhad the tacit approval of the United States. Porter stated that "in order to facilitate the coordinated employment of internal security forces within and among Latin American countries, we are Patrice McSherrybased on formerly secret CIA documents fromin the s and early s plans were developed among international security officials at the US Army School of the Americas and the Conference of American Armies to deal with perceived threats in South America from political dissidents.

Operation strategies

Business operations constitute many processes, including material acquisition, manufacturing costs and product delivery.

Operation strategies

Business strategies revolving around operations include the size and location of facilities, product diversification and expansion.

Market Penetration Market penetration refers to capturing a larger piece of the target market.

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An insurance company might define market penetration success by the number of new automobile policies gained. Developing an operations strategy for market penetration has several potential focus areas. A business can decide to attract Operation strategies away from competitors.

Operations Strategy Framework to improve Products, Services & Operations Processes Anand Subramaniam. Did you know that your Internet Explorer Browser is out of date? Your MS Internet Explorer browser is out of date, and will not be fully compatible with our website. The operations strategy team at PwC’s Strategy& helps companies build differentiated operations capabilities to improve competitive advantage.

It can attract nonusers that have no experience with your business or with a competitor. Another strategy might employ one or more geographic locations, centered around a target demographic.

Businesses can also try to add more value to existing clients, thereby enticing increased spending on product or service upgrades.

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Product Development As an operations strategy, product development goes well beyond rolling out new products. Think about software companies that may have a new product coming out but that also provides free patches and low-cost upgrades for existing product improvement; this is part of the product development strategy.

Initially, when a product is rolled out, it is compared to other products on the market. Being the best is a good strategy, but it also means that competitors will immediately work to exceed your product specifications.

For example, a rental car company that eliminates long lines at the airport improves an existing system for both new and repeat clients. The better this service process is, the higher satisfaction ratings the company receives. This builds loyalty and referral business.

Improve the Supply Chain The supply chain refers to the process of creating a product via its delivery.

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One operations strategy might look to improve costs in the creation of the product. Another operations approach is to make the delivery of goods more efficient. An example of improving the creation can include reducing costs of materials with bulk purchases or automating parts of the production line.

Making the delivery component of operations more efficient could involve anything from improving warehouse layout to reduce time and labor in fulfilling orders to obtain delivery contracts that reduce delivery contracts.

For example, a home improvement warehouse might reorganize the warehouse layout, bringing more frequently bought items closer to the front and within proximity, based on size to the loading docks.Jun 27,  · Operations strategies look at where operations are located, where costs can be saved and how improving products keeps customers.

The more efficient a . Operations Strategy Framework to improve Products, Services & Operations Processes Anand Subramaniam.

Operation strategies

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An operations strategy is typically driven by the overall business strategy of the organization, and is designed to maximize the effectiveness of production and support elements while minimizing costs.

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