Diy auto repair business plan

Wheel alignment and repair services Other repair and maintenance services Sales Forecast One thing is certain, there would always be haulage companies, transportation companies, corporate organization, government agencies, households and individual who would need to take their cars, vans, and trucks et al for routine maintenance and servicing or for outright repairs.

Diy auto repair business plan

Enabling consumers to perform their own automotive repairs You must Request Access to see more information about this company.

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The slower general economic condition has led many consumers to repair their own cars. But for vehicle owners who do not possess the skills, they are left with no option but to go to auto repair shops.

The vast majority of auto repair facilities hire automotive repair technicians that are commission-based. Technicians are not motivated to perform the least expensive repair but rather the most expensive one — driving costs to the consumer up and customer satisfaction down.

Our technicians are salaried, not commissioned.

diy auto repair business plan

We allow our customers to significantly reduce the costs of auto repair, helping them understand more about their vehicle through free classes, and empowering them to control vehicle maintenance costs. We offer three service models: This includes the bay, vehicle lift, tools, pneumatic air tools, workbench, mats, and lights.

Shop supplies including towels, hand cleaner, gloves are included in the price. This includes the bay, vehicle lift,tools, pneumatic air tools, workbench, mats, and lights. Shop supplies including towels, hand cleaner, gloves areincluded in the price.

This includes an average of 15 minutes per hour of mechanic assistance in diagnosing the vehicle, providing education and guidance on how to repair the item, and or assisting them in making the repair as needed. This includes our facility and labor cost.

It does not include costs for parts and fluids. An important facet of our business model is that customers can blend their jobs to include all three pricing models for any one job — providing flexibility and cost savings.

Developed corporate market strategies for consumer products and services and ran marketing campaigns and programs for numerous consumer brands including Imation, TDK, Memorex, Whirlpool, Amana, Yamaha, Bissell, Princess Cruises, Brunswick and others. Craig Wallace, Vice President An automotive industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in performing, managing, scheduling and ensuring the profitability of automotive repair operations.

Wallace started his career in the automotive repair industry in as an apprentice level service technician.

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Wallace has extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing all domestic and selected foreign vehicles. Wallace worked his way up to managing other technicians and running service operations for independent automotive repair facilities — the last 8 years running service operations for Johns 4X4 in Boulder, Colorado.

Knowledge empowers our customers to rent our bays. Some DIY auto repair facilities have a low hourly bay rate but charge a rental fee for every tool you use. They also charge for shop supplies.DIY Wash N' Fix auto repair and car wash business plan executive summary.

DIY Wash N' Fix is a start-up business that will offer a garage location with rental tools and equipment for consumers who wish to wash, paint, or repair their automobile themselves/5(22). Auto Repair Business Plan Diy Shop Template Body Service Home 〉 Business Plan 〉 Auto Repair Business Plan 〉 Currently Viewed With unemployment continuing to rise, home prices falling due to a surplus of inventory, and small business lending at a standstill, .

Start Your Own Business Today!. Want to take the stress out of opening your own shop? We know you've been thinking about doing it forever but didn't know where to begin.

Auto Repair and Car Wash Business Plan. DIY Wash N' Fix is a new concept in auto care. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market in America is increasingly popular, as evidenced in the growth of DIY housing suppliers. However, there remains a gap in the market for DIY auto repair, currently firms offer auto parts and tools, but not a place to perform.

I am a second year student at Harvard Business School working on a business plan. The idea relates to empowering more consumers to do their own repairs and maintenance.

Tom and Ray did something similar with Hackers Haven. We are looking for input regarding the idea, and even might be interested in. The best marketing ideas for auto repair shops are the ones that increase your referral business through word of mouth.

You can spend money on TV ads, SEO and PPC campaigns, and even direct mail, but you’re investing a small fortune on marketing channels that don’t grow your word-of-mouth business.

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